Why Pinecliffe?

Camp Pinecliffe is about learning to live with others, being part of a community, and discovering more about ourselves as we grow into leaders and strong young women.

Where girls excel

An All Girls Summer Camp

Our campus is an environment of security and sisterhood that allows our girls to thrive. Whether she’s competing on the field, performing on the stage, or just spending time with friends, a Pinecliffe girl is supported by her camp family as she seeks to better herself day by day.

We create summer experiences that create life-long lessons. With a focus on personal growth, we encourage each girl to understand that success is best measured by her personal accomplishments and friendships.

Community living is a defining aspect of everyday life at Pinecliffe.

Over the course of their Pinecliffe summers, our campers live with all of the girls within their age group — changing bunk groups each summer and living with the entirety of their age group during their final three summers at camp. This experience teaches flexibility and cooperation and allows our campers to leave Pinecliffe feeling that each and every girl in her age group is a friend.

I went to camp not knowing one person and ended up having more friends than I could wish for. There is nothing to worry about at camp. You aren’t just around your friends—you are around your family.

Jordyn | Camper

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History & Traditions

Founded over 100 years ago by Patty Lifter’s great, great aunts — Mildred and Esther Hamburger — Camp Pinecliffe’s community is steeped in history and tradition.

Be A Part of It

Since camp’s founding, each summer starts with our Welcome Campfire, set back in the woods, surrounded by 100 year old pines. Four of our oldest campers, enter the campfire circle with a candle, as generations of Pinecliffe girls have done before them. They lead us as we celebrate the values of Beauty, Truth, Fortitude, and Love — four cornerstones that have been central to Pinecliffe’s mission since its founding.

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Our camp songs have been passed from generation to generation, and during Visiting Days or reunions, our alumnae sing the same songs and cheers that our girls enjoy today. The traditions at Camp Pinecliffe are the ties that bind us: the summer-long Brown & Blue Color War, the uniforms we wear, even our Main Bunk — each of these aspects of camp life have brought our community together for decades, and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Make the Summer Count

Over the years camp has evolved — but our mission to provide unforgettable summers of growth for girls has remained the same. At camp, we do the thing that counts, and then don’t count it.

Camp Sisters

New campers as well as returning 3rd and 4th graders will have a camp sister. Our older camp sisters are 14 or 15 year olds and assigned a younger sister in the spring. We encourage the girls to speak on the phone, video chat, email, and try to get together before camp begins.

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Throughout the summer, our older girls share camp with newcomers during Camp Sister events and spontaneous face to face time. Many evenings end with camp sisters lining up together for milk and cookies, providing an opportunity to catch-up, and end the day with a familiar and favorite face.

All my best friends are still my Pinecliffe friends!

Alissa | Alumna

Keeping Things Simple

Camp is about creating human connections — no phones needed. We learn to live and laugh with each other. We work through the difficult moments and celebrate the good ones… and we do it all face-to-face.

Our Philosophy

Well-rounded girls grow into well-grounded women. At its core, Pinecliffe is a place where we teach girls to strive for personal success while always supporting their teammates and friends. Every girl is an athlete, an actor, a sculptor, and an adventurer - creating a safe environment where risk-taking is encouraged and embraced.

Our simple uniform mitigates the social pressures of trends and clothing, and helps us place an emphasis on who you are rather than what you have. We empower our campers to be leaders, and to help create the camp community they want - and our own leadership staff works tirelessly to bring this vision to life.

At Pinecliffe, above all else, we value each other.


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Main Bunk

Main Bunk has been the center of camp life since Miss Esther and Miss Mildred constructed it for Pinecliffe’s opening summer in 1917. The directors post the daily schedule in the living room, where campers and counselors view it or sit by the fireplace to read or chat with friends. Upstairs, the balcony is filled with photos from 1917 to the present and leads to Pinecliffe’s offices.

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Dining Hall

The dining hall is located on the first floor of Main Bunk. and holds around 300 people — meaning the entire camp eats together. All meals are served family style, with additional options at the breakfast/salad bar. Table seating, which changes each week, is assigned randomly. Each table seats 8 people — 6 campers (one girl from each age group) and 2 counselors — which provides everyone an opportunity to get to know each other.

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Bunk Line

Pinecliffe’s bunk line has 16 bunks. Each bunk has two bathrooms with dressers, shelving, and cubby space for 6 – 12 campers and at least two counselors. There is also overhead lighting and ceiling fans in all of the bunks.

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Senior Lodge

Our oldest campers live in The Senior Lodge, one of the original buildings on the property, located right on the lakefront. Recently renovated, the two-story Lodge has a living room, bathrooms, and showers located inside the bunk.

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Pinecliffe’s waterfront on Crystal Lake includes an 8-lane swimming area, a free swim area, a water slide, and a water trampoline.

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Smallcraft & Waterskiing

The Smallcraft program, housed near the swimming area, offers sailboats, paddleboards, canoes, and kayaks. The waterski department runs three Malibu Response LX boats for basic, slalom, and trick skiing, as well as kneeboarding and tubing.

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Athletic Fields

Pinecliffe is home to several beautiful playing fields, giving campers of all abilities plenty of room to play sports of all types, including soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, and volleyball. Our basketball court and softball field provide picturesque locations for a game overlooking Crystal Lake, while our top-soccer/lacrosse field offers a larger surface for our older athletes.

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Fine Arts

Our fine art buildings sets on the shore of Crystal Lake — including Arts & Crafts, Ceramics, and Photography (with pottery wheels and a dark-room respectively),

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Silver Jewelry

The Fine Arts building also houses the ever-popular Silver Shop where campers are provided with the materials and tools to learn how to craft with metals.

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The Main Bunk includes a well-stocked library. It’s a great place to take a break and curl up with a good book.

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…And More

The Pinecliffe Athletic Center (PAC) houses our gymnastics program. The Rec Hall, our drama group and live performances. Dance and yoga classes are held in the Studio. The Pine Cone, Pinecliffe’s newly renovated multi-purpose building built in the original 1917 carriage house, houses our newspaper. Finally, the Pinecliffe Scoop is our on-camp ice cream shop.

Be A Part of It

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