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Uniforms & Laundry

Pinecliffe Is a Uniform Camp

Shop the Uniform

The typical daily uniform consists of logo’d brown shorts and a blue shirt. Additional uniform are blue swimsuits, and grey sweats. Twice a week we have color night, where campers may wear their non-uniform clothing. We will send you a packing list with the exact clothing and other items that your daughter will need for the summer.

Where can I buy the uniform?

All of the uniforms and accessories that your daughter will need for the summer are available through a clothing company called The Camp Spot. You will be sent a catalogue and packing list over the winter. You can also visit The Camp Spot online. Just search for Pinecliffe.


Laundry at Camp Pinecliffe is done weekly by a wash, dry, and fold off-site laundry service that specializes in laundry for boarding schools and summer camps. Each camper has her own laundry bag, and her clothing is washed individually.