An All-Girls
Summer Camp

An all girls’ camp provides an atmosphere in which the focus of every camper is on her individual growth, whether it be in sports, the arts, or personal relationships. We believe that without the presence of boys, our girls are able to focus more on themselves and their interpersonal relationships, and less on the competition adolescent girls often feel in a coed environment.

Camp Pinecliffe is a place where girls build new skills, while improving on the ones they already have, face new challenges, learn to be independent and the feeling of accomplishment that it brings, as well as create wonderful friendships that last a lifetime. But, most importantly, it’s about being in an all girls environment, where they feel comfortable and can excel.

The sisterhood, virtues, beauty, and traditions of Camp Pinecliffe are unlike anywhere else.

Alexa | Camper

Our oldest campers will always tell us, as first year campers, they never expected their bunkmates to become their sisters. We believe that our all-girls atmosphere allows this feeling of sisterhood to flourish.

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Camp Sisters

Our “Camp Sisters” pass along traditions from our oldest campers to our newest.

New campers, as well as, returning 3rd and 4th graders will have a camp sister. Our older camp sisters are, our 14 and 15 year olds, who are assigned a younger sister in the spring. We encourage the girls to speak on the phone, video chat, email and try to get together before camp begins. Throughout the summer, our older girls share camp with newcomers during Camp Sister events and spontaneous face to face time.

I have been so blessed to spend the past six summers at this amazing place — Pinecliffe has made such an impact on my life and the friends I have made are much more like sisters that I know I can always count on.

Alexa | Camper

Many evenings end with camp sisters lining up together for milk and cookies, providing an opportunity to catch-up, and end the day with a familiar and favorite face. Our Camp Sister Beach Day is a time-honored tradition that the girls look forward to each summer. Our Seniors really enjoy becoming Camp Sisters and take pride in helping their new Camp Sisters learn about overnight camp at Pinecliffe, both before and during the summer.