Staying In Touch

When can I talk to my daughter?

Every camper gets three phone calls throughout the summer, two before visiting day, and one after. We begin our phone calls about 8 -10 days into camp. Each phone call lasts for 10 minutes.

Can my daughter bring her cellphone, iPad, or other electronic devices to camp?

Camp Pinecliffe adheres to a strict no cell phone and no Internet-capable-device policy (this includes Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, Kindle, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.). Campers may have a basic iPod, only for music (no videos or games). Our philosophy is that camp is a place, where our girls have been given the opportunity to live in the moment, something that is rarely found today. We believe that our cell phone and electronics policy helps create an environment where campers can live in the moment.

How many days per week will my daughter write letters home?

Our campers are required to write home twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, they may write as often as they like. Mail is picked up daily except on Sundays.

Are girls allowed to receive packages? If so, what kinds?

We have a no package policy except for necessities (extra socks, Tevas, softball gloves, etc.)