My daughter has a brother at a camp in Maine; will they get to see each other over the summer?

Yes, most likely your daughter will have the chance to see her brother twice throughout the summer. Pinecliffe hosts a Brother/Sister day in July and we invite brothers who attend other camps in Maine to come to Pinecliffe for the afternoon. Most of the boys camps participate and also host a brother/sister day of their own. In these instances Pinecliffe will send girls to their brother’s camp for the event.

Can my daughter choose the girls in her bunk?

Every year we ask each girl to send us a “bunk request” list of the girls that she would like to live with the following summer. We promise each camper at least one requested bunk mate. Please note that the camp leadership also changes up the bunk assignments each year, giving everyone a new group to befriend each summer.

What if my child is homesick?

Some children will experience “homesickness” or missing home their first summer at girls camp. When this happens, it is usually a very brief occurrence as we’ve designed our program so that the girls quickly make friends and keep busy in activities. Because the Pinecliffe community is small, we are able to work with every girl who experiences any type of homesickness. Our staff is trained to help your daughter get through the initial transition and enjoy camp!

Summer Birthdays

Birthdays are an important part of our camp community.

Girls with birthdays that occur while at summer camp will celebrate their birthday with their summer family, their bunk. During either lunch or dinner on a camper’s birthday, she will sit with her bunkmates for a special birthday party celebration.

The table will be decorated with fun party decorations like streamers, balloons, themed tablecloths, and plates, and a small party favor bag for the bunk which the parents send to camp prior to their daughter’s birthday. We provide cake and ice cream for the party and the birthday girl gets to pick the flavor of her birthday cake and ice cream.

What are the transportation arrangements?

Campers who live in the tri-state area travel to, and from, Pinecliffe on a chartered bus, chaperoned by our staff, from either New York City or Westchester. We also have a charted bus for our campers from the Boston region. Campers from other areas fly to, and from, either the Portland Airport or Boston Logan Airport. Campers who fly are met at the gate and then transported by van to the girls camp. They are also chaperoned to the gate on their return trip.

Culture? Traditions? Can you describe them for me?

Camp Pinecliffe has been owned and operated by the same family for over 100 years. We follow countless traditions and customs that many of our moms, grandmothers and great grandmothers have been doing for almost a century! In addition to special activities including Brown v. Blue, campfires, tournaments and celebrations, we have other innovative events throughout the summer that include both campers and staff.