A Letter to Pinecliffe Alumnae

Dear Pinecliffe Alumnae,

Thank you for visiting the Pinecliffe website! As former campers, the importance of your lasting commitment to Camp Pinecliffe is invaluable to us and we thank you! While you continue to honor Camp Pinecliffe’s spirit and traditions, we hope this website will allow us to maintain contact with all of you and enable us to build the bonds of sisterhood throughout our many generations of the Pinecliffe family.

We have set up an Alumnae mailing list and encourage you to fill out the form so that we may keep you updated on important Pinecliffe news, including reunion information! We have also created an alumnae page on Facebook and we encourage you to join and connect with old friends and bunkmates! Please explore our website, learn about all the new things at Pinecliffe, and see all the traditions we continue to uphold!

Patty & Sue Lifter
Director and Director Emeritus

The only thing more special than my own Pinecliffe years was watching my daughter grow up and thrive at there, enjoying the unique traditions preserved from generation to generation.

Caroline, Alumna & Parent