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Prospective Staff & Positions Available

Here you will find detailed information about the summer jobs that we have available each summer. As you can see below, there is great diversity in our program, from land sports, to waterfront activities to hiking and the arts.

We are looking for staff members who have a passion for summer camp life, education, and demonstrated experience working with children. One of our many goals is to offer you an opportunity to learn from our talented mentors and get phenomenal supervision from our experienced staff. We want you to continue to develop your coaching and teaching skills and, of course, have fun!

Below you will find general overviews of each of our departments and programs at girls camp. During the interview process you will find out more about our programs and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about Pinecliffe.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Job Descriptions

Every staff position at Pinecliffe is considered an Activity Specialist. We do not offer general camp counselor positions. The job description for each individual Activity Specialist position is unique and lengthy and, therefore, best described during the interview process. As an overview, we’ve outlined the different staff position levels at camp and the hierarchy of our administration.

Activity Specialist

The Activity Specialist’s role is to work in a specific department either in sports, hiking, the arts or the waterfront. This role may require you to work indoors (i.e., Performing Arts), outdoors (i.e., Tennis), or a combination of both (i.e., Photography). All Female Specialists are also bunk counselors and will be living in a cabin with a group of girls. All Male Staff will live in a separate bunk for male staff and will have no bunk duties. Male staff will have other job responsibilities during bunk time.

As a Specialist, you will be required to have a prepared lesson plan for each of your scheduled camper activities. The activity must last the entire period (approximately 45 minutes), and be age appropriate. When not instructing, you should be spending time with your campers in your bunk. Our days are full but the rewards of teaching and being supervised by top tier instructors are priceless!

Group Leader

A Group Leader at Pinecliffe has demonstrated camp experience, and experience supervising other staff. The job is a detailed one, which requires patience, stamina and flexibility. A Group Leader oversees an entire age group of girls which typically includes over 30 campers and 8 counselors. Group Leaders follow the division throughout the day and evening and have a great understanding of the daily issues, concerns, and positive events going on in the age group. The Group Leader will meet with the Director of Staff at the end of each day to report on camper and counselor life. The Group Leader will also co-lead Bunk Meetings with the Camp Director and/or Staff Director.

Head of Department

Each Pinecliffe Head of Department must have demonstrated working experience with children and previous summer camp experience is essential. You will be working closely with the administration in developing the department to the highest level. You must also have experience supervising staff, most of which will be college age. Heads of Department must have the skills to evaluate not only the campers, but the staff as well. Heads of Department must hold a degree in Education, Counseling, Physical Education, or possess the skills that clearly demonstrate the ability to run a department. Department Heads will meet once weekly with the Director, Staff Director and Program Director, so that we may all have a clear view on how each department is progressing throughout the summer.

Kitchen Staff/Office Staff

All kitchen staff must have demonstrated working experience and must currently be attending college. Kitchen staff must be flexible, friendly and have a lot of stamina. Kitchen staff and office staff do not have bunk counselor duties. Kitchen and office staff are fully integrated with camp life and are always considered an invaluable operating piece of camp life!

Available Positions

Camp Pinecliffe is currently hiring in the following departments.


Our philosophy at Camp Pinecliffe is team teaching. We look for specialists that are multi-dimensional, and able to transfer specific skills from one area of expertise to another. As a specialist in the Land sports department, you will create your lesson plan and lead/coach the campers in your designated sport. When it is not your specific sport, we will have you assisting other sports and team teaching with your co-specialists. You will also be coaching and refereeing the Brown/Blue team games and inter-camp games. Work experience and coaching children in your discipline is required of all staff. Sports at Pinecliffe include:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey
  • Track & Field
  • Archery: Our Archery instructor is required to have experience in Archery, and to be certified to teach archery.
  • Gymnastics & Dance: Staff hired for Gymnastics/Dance should have experience both participating in Gymnastics or Dance, as well as experience teaching one or both disciplines.
  • Martial Arts: To teach Martial Arts at Pinecliffe, one must have demonstrated experience both teaching and participating in a Martial Arts discipline.

When not teaching in these departments, staff will be asked to assist in other Landsports activities.

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Camp Pinecliffe offers daily tennis lessons to all age groups throughout the summer. Set on red clay, similar to the Roland Garros courts of the French Open, our courts provide a wonderful setting for teaching. Staff members must know how to lesson plan, teach drills and conditioning, and coach team and inter-camp games. Collegiate experience is preferred and previous teaching and coaching experience with children is mandatory.

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Camp Pinecliffe is beautifully situated on the shores of Crystal Lake with all of our swim lessons conducted on our beachfront. We teach the American Red Cross Learn to Swim program. Lessons are held every day for all campers. In addition to teaching, you will be required to lifeguard. We teach all levels including the ARC lifeguard course. Swim staff can also coach our inter-camp swim team. Swim Specialists must have current certifications in lifeguarding and teaching swimming. Demonstrated work experience with children is required from all staff.


Our water-ski department prides itself in its ability to get every camper up on water skies. Once a camper has passed her endurance test, she will be taught the basics of skiing on Crystal Lake. All of our instructors are required to spend time in the water, on the dock, in the boat, and on land. All of our specialists must be trained and observed by senior staff before operating a motorboat. Camp Pinecliffe also offers knee boarding and trick skiing for our more advanced water skiers. All staff must have working experience in a waterski program, and possess her/his own expertise in skiing. Waterski instructors should also hold lifeguard certification.


Specialists teaching campers in this department must have certifications and demonstrated work experience. Our sailing and canoeing program is through U.S. Sailing and the American Canoeing Association. You will be leading classes, going on trips, and assisting with the production of the end-of-the-summer Regatta. We offer the following activities in small craft:

  • Sailing: Sunfish, Mini-fish, and Widgeon
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking: Single & tandem

Additionally, having a lifeguarding certification is a plus for working in our Smallcraft department.

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Studio Arts

Camp Pinecliffe has an extensive visual arts program nestled along the beachfront of Crystal Lake. We look for educational experience in University or College in one of these areas. Lesson planning and the ability to team-teach are essential. Pre-camp planning for these departments is required for all staff members. The art departments often collaborate with each other for special projects.

With our Hiking and Visual Arts programs, girls can strike a balance between outdoors and indoors, between enjoying creation and being creative.

Our program separates into four distinct disciplines:

  1. Arts & Crafts: The Pinecliffe Arts & Crafts department offers a variety of projects that vary from summer to summer. They include: painting, drawing, 2-D and 3-D art, weaving, looming, and sewing.
  2. Ceramics: Camp Pinecliffe ceramics department not only teaches every camper to throw on one of our multiple wheels, but also how to use clay to mold various types of projects. Our studio is complete with kilns and glazes, every camper walks away with multiple finished pieces of ceramic art.
  3. Photography: All campers are taught to use 35MM manual cameras and develop their own black and white photos. Campers also explore the art of photography through light exposure projects, automatic cameras, and digital cameras.
  4. Silver: In our Silver Studio campers are taught jewelry making, soldering, setting stones and merging of metals.

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Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts Department is truly multi-dimensional. This is also an area where being able to collaborate is essential. Our Director of Performing Arts works closely with the department in show production, all camp events, weekly non-denominational services, and the Pine Tones singing choir. There are seven productions showcased during the seven weeks of camp, which involve all age groups. We look for specialists whose majors at school are in a facet of the Performing Arts. Positions at camp include:

  • Performing Arts Director
  • Head of Music
  • Choreographer
  • Vocal Specialist

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Campcraft & Hiking

Camp Pinecliffe has a dynamic, developmental hiking program for all age groups. Specialists will work with all campers regardless of developmental stage. Our trips go out throughout the week with some occasional weekend trips. With our younger age groups the trips leave in the morning and return later in the day. Our very youngest campers often take a morning and afternoon trip returning to camp for lunch and rest hour. As the camper develops her skills throughout her summers at camp, hiking trips become more challenging. Our older campers day hikes are full day and leave before breakfast and return just before dinner.

Our trip leaders must be prepared to work with all different abilities and be willing to be assigned to all level groups. There will be overnight hikes for older age groups, requiring our staff to be skilled in overnight camping and cooking. All staff in this department must be at least 21 years of age and have a clean driving record. While in camp, Hiking staff will be living in cabins with the campers, but will have the support of at least two other co-counselors. While in camp on the weekend, Campcraft staff will have the opportunity to assist with other departments in camp. We do not accept applications for weekday only positions as our Campcraft staff are fully integrated into our program throughout the summer.

Experience hiking with children is mandatory at all levels. Wilderness First Aid is desired and Wilderness First Responder is also a plus. Hiking trips include: Jockey Cap, Hawk Mountain, Emerald Pools, Franconia Notch, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Katahdin.

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Our High Ropes Specialist must be certified Level I or be “certified ready” High Ropes Instructor. Level II Certfied is perferable. Campers age 10 and up will participate in our high ropes challege course to gain team work skills and individual confidence. Lesson planning, and recording taking are a required part of the job.

Our Low Ropes Specialist must be certified or be “certified ready” as a Low Ropes Challenge instructor. Every age group participates in our ropes program. Lesson planning skills are required as are strong skills in journaling and record taking.

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You will be assisting our Head of the Explorers Department in teaching campers about the environment, sustainability, and wildlife. Lesson planning and creative skills are required. There will be in-camp activities as well as day trips throughout the region, including Maine and New Hampshire. All applicants must have a major from a university in a related field, be at least 21 years old, and have a clean driving record.

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Cliffe Counselor

Cliffe counselors assume a leadership role over a group of our youngest campers for the summer. The Cliffes range in age from seven to nine years old, and most are in their first summer at camp. A Cliffe counselor’s major responsibilities consist of staying with a group of Cliffes all day, acting as a bunk mother at camp, directing the girls to activities on time and keeping them safe, while concurrently making their first or second summer at camp an enjoyable and memorable experience. A Cliffe counselor’s primary responsibility is to her bunk, however, you may sometimes be asked to assist in a department.

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