About Pinecliffe

Do the thing that counts, and then don’t count it.

This simple statement has been at the forefront of Pinecliffe summers since the very beginning.

Our campers spend their days in an encouraging environment of play, learning, companionship and nature. We truly believe that a key element of our campers’ success is that every girl feels counted and knows everyone at camp, both campers and counselors alike. This family atmosphere is at the heart of Pinecliffe and has been helping girls develop skills, create experiences and build friendships to last a lifetime.

Ever since I stepped foot off the bus in the summer of 1983, Pinecliffe has been an incredible, influential part of my life. For now, in my forties, I still sing every day, laugh as much as possible, brighten my table with flowers, fluff the pillows, make my bed daily, go back to the basics, wear brown and blue, and get excited when I see a Pinecliffe girl! Most of all I do the thing that counts and then don’t count it.

Amy | Alumna

Our Philosophy

The basis for our success is rooted in a strong tradition and philosophy that has guided us through the years. We focus on the individual, teaching campers to live happily and successfully with others.

We encourage each camper to excel at what she already knows, as well as to try new activities, and to challenge herself, so that she can look back on her Pinecliffe experience and be extremely proud of her accomplishments.

While camp is a wonderful way for each girl to experience independence, it also teaches the ability to live and work with others. Our junior campers live in bunks of eight to ten campers with two counselors. As they reach their final three summers, the girls come together in much larger “homes,” and use the cooperative living skills they’ve learned at camp to live as whole age groups.