Horseback Riding

Our horseback riding program is open to girls of all skill levels. The classes are small, ensuring individual attention for each camper.

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Just for Riders

Riding is a popular optional program at Pinecliffe.

Available Programs

Our campers can choose from 3 different English-style riding programs.

  • The Traditional Riding Program is for beginners and consists of two lessons a week, where the fundamentals of riding are taught.
  • The Intensive Riding Program gives campers a third lesson each week, allowing for more experienced riders to continue advancing their skills.
  • The Advanced Riding Program, designed for our busy older campers, is focused on technique, and is a longer lesson once a week.
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Each class consists of no more than five campers. The girls ride in the morning, at rest hour, and before dinner, enabling them to attend their regular scheduled activities in addition to horseback riding.

Our instructors are well versed in both beginner and advanced riding instruction, and the privately owned horses are perfect for both beginners and advanced riders. We have both an indoor riding arena as well as an outdoor ring.