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Frequently Asked Questions

Words truly can not express how blessed I feel that my daughters have had the Pinecliffe experience. It is a magical place…a haven…a place where you can “just be.” It is a second home, a second family. It is a place where friendships run deep. It is just pure!

Liz, Parent

When is the application due?

Pinecliffe does not have a formal application deadline; however, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible, to ensure your daughter has a spot, as we have a limited number of campers that we can accommodate in each age group. Returning campers begin sending their applications as early as September. If you are interested in applying, please email us at pinecliffe@pinecliffe.com

How long is camp each summer?

Camp is exactly 7 weeks or 50 days. Pinecliffe offers one full session.

How much is the Tuition?

Tuition for 2019 is $13,300.

What is included in the Fees?

The tuition and canteen fees cover all expenses, except for the following:

  • Transportation to and from camp
  • Uniform
  • Horseback Riding
  • Miscellaneous spending money for special events during the summer
  • Special Senior trips
When can I talk to my daughter?

Every camper gets three phone calls throughout the summer, two before visiting day, and one after. We begin our phone calls about 8 -10 days into camp. Each phone call lasts for 10 minutes.

What if my child is homesick?

Some children will experience “homesickness” or missing home their first summer at girls camp. When this happens, it is usually a very brief occurrence as we’ve designed our program so that the girls quickly make friends and keep busy in activities. Because the Pinecliffe community is small, we are able to work with every girl who experiences any type of homesickness. Our staff is trained to help your daughter get through the initial transition and enjoy camp!

What do campers wear?

Pinecliffe is a uniform camp. Typical daily uniform consists of brown shorts and blue shirts. Additional parts of the uniform are blue swimsuits, and grey sweat suits. Twice a week we have color night, where campers may wear their non-uniform clothing. We will send you a packing list with the exact clothing and other items that your daughter will need for the summer.

Where can I buy the uniform?

All of the uniforms and accessories that your daughter will need for the summer are available through a clothing company called The Camp Spot. You will be sent a catalogue and packing list over the winter.

You can also visit The Camp Spot online. Just search for “Pinecliffe.”

My daughter has a brother at a camp in Maine; will they get to see each other over the summer?

Yes, most likely your daughter will have the chance to see her brother twice throughout the summer. Pinecliffe hosts a Brother/Sister day in July and we invite brothers who attend other camps in Maine to come to Pinecliffe for the afternoon. Most of the boys camps participate and also host a brother/sister day of their own. In these instances Pinecliffe will send girls to their brother’s camp for the event.

Can my daughter choose the girls in her bunk?

Every year we ask each girl to send us a “bunk request” list of the girls that she would like to live with the following summer. We promise each camper at least one requested bunk mate.

Can my daughter bring her cellphone, iPad, or other electronic devices to camp?

Camp Pinecliffe adheres to a strict no cell phone and no Internet-capable-device policy (this includes Nintendo DS, Kindle, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.). Campers may have a basic iPod, only for music (no videos or games). Our philosophy is that camp is a place, where our girls have been given the opportunity to live in the moment, something that is rarely found today. We believe that our cell phone and electronics policy helps create an environment where campers can live in the moment.

How many days per week will my daughter write letters home?

Our campers are required to write home twice weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, they may write as often as they like. Mail is picked up daily except on Sundays.

Are girls allowed to receive packages? If so, what kinds?

We have a no package policy except for necessities (extra socks, Tevas, softball gloves, etc.)

What are the transportation arrangements?

Campers who live in the tri-state area travel to, and from, Pinecliffe on a chartered bus, chaperoned by our staff, from either New York City or Westchester. We also have a charted bus for our campers from the Boston region. Campers from other areas fly to, and from, either the Portland Airport or Boston Logan Airport. Campers who fly are met at the gate and then transported by van to the girls camp. They are also chaperoned to the gate on their return trip.

How does laundry work at camp?

Laundry at Camp Pinecliffe is done weekly by a wash, dry, and fold off-site laundry service that specializes in laundry for boarding schools and summer camps. Each camper has her own laundry bag, and her clothing is washed individually.

Do you have an orthodontist or dentist available if my daughter has problems with her braces?

Yes, we do have an orthodontist available.

All my best friends are still my Pinecliffe friends!

Alissa, Alumna