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Summer Birthdays

Birthdays are an important part of our camp community.

Girls with birthdays that occur while at summer camp will celebrate their birthday with their summer family, their bunk. During either lunch or dinner on a camper’s birthday, she will sit with her bunkmates for a special birthday party celebration.

The table will be decorated with party materials like streamers, themed tablecloths, and plates, and a small party favor bag for the bunk which the parents send to camp prior to their daughter’s birthday. We provide cake and ice cream for the party and the birthday girl gets to pick the flavor of her birthday cake and ice cream.

As much as we missed Alexis, there was no better feeling than knowing how happy she was at Pinecliffe. She truly loved everything about Pinecliffe from her friends to her counselors to Dutch Auction to Color War, and especially, milk & cookies! We cannot thank you enough for making her 10th birthday (and first birthday away from us) so special. She has not taken her CP silver necklace off since she has been home and I suspect she won’t take it off anytime soon.

Jennifer, Parent