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Facility Tour

Main Bunk

Since the early days of Pinecliffe, the Main Bunk has been at the center of camp life. One of the original buildings that Miss Esther and Miss Mildred had constructed for camp, it continues to have a vital role in daily life at Pinecliffe.

Downstairs, the Main Bunk has a large living room where campers and counselors can sit by the fireplace to read or chat with friends. The Main Bunk’s living room is also where the girls’ daily schedules and announcements of special events are posted. Upstairs, the Main Bunk is the home to all of Pinecliffe’s administrative offices.

Dining Hall

Our dining hall is also located on the first floor of the Main Bunk. The dining hall holds approximately 300 people, which allows the entire camp to have all of our meals together. Each table seats 8 people: 6 campers and 2 counselors. All of our meals are served family style and provide an opportunity for campers to interact with girls from every age group.

Our table seating, which changes each week, is assigned randomly with one girl from each age group. Counselors are also assigned to tables and rotate weekly, giving both campers and counselors an opportunity to get to know each other outside of activities and their bunks.

One of my favorite things to do at camp was go to the second floor of main bunk and find my grandmother, aunt, cousin and of course twin sister in team and generation photos. Every time we see each other we still break out into song and that tradition and love for a place is something special that only Camp Pinecliffe can give you.

Rachel, Alumna

Living Facilities

The Crystal House, bunk interior, and one of the many flowers that adorn the bunks.The Crystal House, bunk interior, and one of the many flowers that adorn the bunks.

Pinecliffe’s bunk line has 16 bunks: bunks 1-12, where our Junior campers live, and four Evergreen bunks. Each bunk has 8-12 campers and at least two counselors. Each bunk has two bathrooms with dressers, shelving, and cubby space for all of the campers.

Our Crystal House, which is also on the bunk line, is the home of our 13-year-old campers. The Crystal House holds the entire age group and at least 4 counselors. There are 6 bathrooms and ample storage space for everyone.

There are three shower houses on the bunk line, each consisting of 10 to 12 individual stall showers. Our younger campers are assigned shower times throughout the week and our senior campers have the opportunity to shower before dinner every day.

Our second oldest age group, the Jungle, lives off the bunk line, with the bunk set back into the woods. This bunk has 6 bathrooms inside and has its own shower house, located next to the bunk.

Our oldest campers, the Senior Lodge, live in one of the original buildings on the property, located right on the lakefront. The two-story Lodge has a living room, bathrooms, and showers located inside the bunk. Every cabin at Pinecliffe has overhead lighting in both the main areas, and the bathrooms.

Activity Facilities

Pinecliffe’s waterfront includes an 8 lane swimming area with turning boards for lessons and lap swimming, outboard swim area with water slide for recreational use, along with sailboats, canoes, and kayaks for instructional and recreational boating on the lake. Our waterski department features two Malibu Response LX boats and a wide variety of equipment for basic, slalom, and tricks skiing as well as knee boarding and tubing.

Our vast fields give campers plenty of room to play sports of all types, including soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, and archery. We also have a basketball court and softball field, both of which overlook Crystal Lake. Pinecliffe has six red clay tennis courts as well as a tennis backboard.

Well-maintained pine buildings throughout the camp house various indoor activities. On the waterfront are our fine arts buildings that include Arts and Crafts, the ceramics studio with pottery wheels, photography studio and dark room, and the silver shop where campers are provided with the materials and tools to learn how to craft with metals.

Pinecliffe also features a gymnastics studio, performance hall, and our brand new studio used for dance, karate, and yoga classes.

Going into my final summer at Pinecliffe, it’s a feeling so bittersweet. As hard as it will be for me to move on after this coming summer at camp, I know that everything I have learned and all the memories I have made will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Alexa, Camper