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Camp Sisters

Our “Camp Sisters” pass along traditions from our oldest campers to our newest.

At Camp Pinecliffe, new campers are given a “Camp Sister” to help ease their transition into life at overnight camp. The older Camp Sister is an experienced camper from either the Lodge or the Jungle (our two oldest age groups). Camp Sisters are assigned during the spring so that each pair of girls is able to either meet in person or speak on the phone before the start of camp. Early each summer, we arrange a special “Camp Sister Beach Day” event so that the girls can spend time getting to know each other. Our Camp Sister Beach Day is a time-honored tradition that the girls look forward to each summer. Our Seniors really enjoy becoming Camp Sisters and take pride in helping their new Camp Sisters learn about overnight camp at Pinecliffe, both before and during the summer.

I consider my summers at Camp Pinecliffe to have been the best seven summers of my life and I smile every day thinking about how the girls I met when I was 9 are still my best friends to this day.

Rachel, Alumna