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Bunk Life & Age Groups

At Camp Pinecliffe we strongly believe in the importance of “community living.”

From our youngest to our oldest campers, our girls live in bunks with other girls their age, enabling them to learn how to live amongst others. An important, and unique, aspect of community living at our girls camp is that the bunk assignments are re-arranged each summer. This approach ensures that no camper will have exactly the same girls in her bunk every summer, and will be given an opportunity to get to know all of the campers in her age group.

While younger campers bunk in small groups of 8-12, older campers live in one bunk as a large group.While younger campers bunk in small groups of 8-12, older campers live in one bunk as a large group.

Camp is all I think about! The minute I get home I start my countdown! I stare at it hoping it will just go down! Camp is the one place I can be myself! I have met 27 best friends and even more outside my age group! But I don’t consider them best friends. They are more than that, they are my sisters!

Juliet, Camper

Our Juniors and Evergreen campers live in bunks of 8-12 campers, with at least 2 counselors. Our oldest three age groups (Crystal, Jungle, and Lodge) live in large bunks that house the entire age group. Our belief is that the campers begin to learn about community living in smaller numbers so that when they reach our older age groups they have developed the skills to live happily and successfully among all of the girls in their age group. By their last summer, our girls view their age group not just as their best friends, but also as their sisters.

Pinecliffe Age Groups


Cliffes Rising 3rd and 4th graders 7-9 years old
Porcs Rising 5th graders 9-10 years old
Pines Rising 6th graders 11 years old


Evergreens Rising 7th graders 12 years old
Crystals Rising 8th graders 13 years old
Jungle Rising 9th graders 14 years old
Lodge Rising 10th graders 15 years old