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Studio Arts

We take great pride in promoting and sharing a wide range of creative arts at Pinecliffe. All of our art studios are situated on the waterfront, providing a natural backdrop for creative inspiration.

Midway through the summer, each art studio is transformed into a gallery to showcase each girl’s work for their families during Visiting Day.

Arts & Crafts

In our largest studio, campers engage in activities that include sketching, charcoal portraits and still life, watercolor, tapestry weaving and looming, needle felt work, and sewing.


Within the pottery studio the girls create a wide variety of ceramic creations including pots, mugs, plates, and other decorative items. Our more advanced artists throw bowls and vases on our studio’s pottery wheels. 

Camp’s kilns burn daily, giving every camper an opportunity to both create and decorate with a variety of ceramic medium.


The silver shop provides a unique opportunity for our campers to make their own jewelry. Specific materials and projects are planned for each age group during the summer. We provide many choices of projects, encouraging the creativity and individuality of each of our campers.

Campers get a hands on experience, melting and molding custom rings, bracelets, necklaces & moreCampers get a hands on experience, melting and molding custom rings, bracelets, necklaces & more

Girls begin work in copper and graduate to silver of various weights and styles. Our girls not only learn to solder, but also, over time, to set semi-precious stones as part of their jewelry creations. 


Our photography program is designed to provide campers with an understanding and appreciation of photography as an art form. Our younger campers learn the basics through light exposure lessons, pin-hole cameras, and point and shoot photography. As the girls get older, they use more advanced 35-millimeter SLR cameras to better understand the impact that different shutter speeds, aperture settings, and compositions can have on enhancing their photographs.