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About Us

Camp Pinecliffe, founded almost a century ago among the lakes and sturdy pines of Maine, is a private summer camp for girls ages 7 to 15.

Pinecliffe is a family run camp with third and fourth generation directors. We are focused on the individual camper, encouraging each girl to become the best that she can be, while living happily and successfully with others. Since 1917, a plaque with our motto, “Do the Thing That Counts and Then Don’t Count It,” has hung in our Main Bunk and truly exemplifies Pinecliffe’s philosophy. Our girls leave camp each summer, eager to return, with many happy memories of new things learned, new friends, and great experiences.

Ever since I stepped foot off the bus in the summer of 1983, Pinecliffe has been an incredible, influential part of my life. For it was at camp that I learned to be a confident, outgoing girl and the friendships I have made there have carried me through my life. I guess that is why I have continued to make camp a part of my life for the past thirty years.

The magic is a part of who I am and the lessons are ones I have carried with me for decades. For now, in my forties I still sing every day, laugh as much as possible, brighten my table with flowers, fluff the pillows, make my bed daily, go back to the basics, love wearing brown and blue and get excited when I see a Pinecliffe girl walk down the street! But most of all I do the thing that counts and then don’t count it.

Amy, Alumna