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Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to creating an environment where our campers can learn, have fun, and feel safe and included.

Main bunk stairs staff

Each summer, Pinecliffe’s teaching staff numbers 100, which makes for approximately a 1:2 staff to camper ratio. Staff come to Pinecliffe from all over the United States, and other English-speaking countries around the globe, including Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Counselor’s must be at least 19 and have finished one year of college. Most of our counselors teach a specialty and serve as a bunk counselor. Our youngest campers (Cliffes) have at least two counselors per cabin assigned to them on a full-time basis, accompanying the girls to each of their activities and helping to ease the transition to overnight camp.

Pinecliffe also offers junior camp counselor jobs for our alumnae. Our Junior Counselor program is designed for alumnae who have just graduated from high school and will be starting their freshman year of college. They live as a third counselor in our youngest age groups and assist in a department. They also work regularly and closely with senior staff members. Our alumnae bring a love of Pinecliffe and its traditions that is appreciated by both our campers and staff.

The sisterhood, virtues, beauty, and traditions of Camp Pinecliffe are unlike anywhere else.

Alexa, Camper

Camp Pinecliffe’s Heads of Departments and Group Leaders are an integral part of our success.Camp Pinecliffe’s Heads of Departments and Group Leaders are an integral part of our success.

We take great pride in the rate of return among our senior staff, many of whom have worked at Pinecliffe for over ten summers. Many of our Heads of Departments and Group Leaders work as teachers and coaches during the year. They work closely with our Directors and each other, helping to make activities run smoothly and safely, and ensuring the success of every Pinecliffe camper.